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Don’t blink or you will miss something!

For example: making blog entries….

It has been way to long, let us catch up:

How did spring term end?

In spring term 2014 I taught CIS 287M Microsoft server security for the first time (On Campus). Overall it went ok, nothing to traumatic. As to be expected, there were rough patches. However, I managed to get through it & lay the ground work teaching online fall term 2014 . Security is still not my strong suit, so I had one of our part time faculty members review my materials. This faculty member is a security expert & was able to provide some valuable feedback. It certainly helped me feel better about what I had put together.

What did I do over summer?

I guess it was busier than I had realized, I taught one online class, prepared 287M for online in Fall term & worked on my dissertation. That was plenty to keep me occupied. But, still managed to end up on campus a few times managing a service learning project in CIS 140M and misc other stuff. I managed to get a few days of down time at Mt. Hood.

Fall Term 2014

We are over halfway through Fall term and overall its gone pretty well.

I am starting my second year as CIS department chair. In my first year as CIS department chair I learned a lot of about job and PCC. The major duties are scheduling and working to resolve student complaints. There is a lot of putting out fires. Student complaints are the most challenging aspect of the job. As department chair I investigate every student complaint that arrives on my desk. Investigation includes getting all sides of the story and working to resolve the issue as best I can. However, you can’t please everyone & some complaints are taken to the Dean. It certainly keeps the job interesting. Scheduling presents its own challenging. I hate it when I have no choice but to cancel a class due to low enrollment.

I am teaching 287M online, I’m using a totally different online format than usual, for example there’s a mid-term exam and a final exam, vs. weekly quizzes and a final. I don’t think any approach is better.

And how has the dissertation been coming along?

To sum up my dissertation progress in a single word….. None.

I had very high expectations about what I would accomplish over the summer, sadly that just didn’t happen. Not even a little bit, I am no further along now than I was when I finished course work. My sticking point, my topic. I have not been able to get my topic refined enough move forward.

Making Progress on All Fronts

The comprehensive exam experience (1/13 – 1/19)

Well, talk about best laid plans. Phase one of plan worked out well, I got a good night’s sleep.

Phase two – read everything about the comp exam, questions, guidelines, etc. That’s where things go…. astray. No sign of the exam! It didn’t  show up in my course, my online portal, anywhere. I call support & their network is down! So, here I wait. I was able to get access to my exam by noon-ish. I printed out my questions and went out to eat. Over lunch I absorbed the instructions and the questions (Answer questions 1 & 2, pick one question, question 3 or question 4). Simple enough. I spent the rest of the afternoon researching to answer Question #4 – it looked simple enough. By the end of Monday, I had nothing, not one word writing.

Tuesday was just as rough, if not rougher. Well before lunch time I was beat down and in a state of panic. That sparked an email to Dept Chair and an immediate phone call reply. She talked me down and got ready to do battle. I shifted gears and stepped into Question 1. I was able to find resources pretty quickly and get something written. The rest of the week was pretty good, I got into a flow and tackled about a question a day. On Sunday, I put in some work on a sub-question that was pretty weak. But I hit my goal of submitting the test by noon.

It took about a week to get my results, pass no re-writes! It was the hardest thing I’d ever done & I am so glad that its over.

Next – The Prospectus

I have completed all course work, no more class assignments, busy work or not. It is time to get to the heavy lifting, starting with the prospectus. The prospectus is the foundation for my research. It lays out a lot of the details on what I am going to study and how I plan to frame the study. My topic is the completion agenda and its impact on community colleges in Oregon. I have some of the prospectus written but it is far from complete. Goal is to have it finished in a month before I start on my one on one work with my committee chair, sometime in April.

It’s been a good term. After some feedback from a student I decided the lectures for one of my courses needed a work. So I added graphics, made some cosmetic changes and worked to smooth out the lectures a bit. I will have to go back and record the new lectures, when i have time. Overall things have gone smoothly. The transition to Server 2012 was rather painless. You would expect me to be good at it after converting from 2000 to 2003, 2003 to 2008, 2008 to 2008 R2 and now 2008 to 2012. Practice makes perfect.

Spring term, I’ll be teaching 287M – Microsoft Security. Security is not my strong suit but I can get through it. The goal is to get the course in a format that can be given to other instructors. The class is filling up nicely after a few days of registration.

Department Chair
Scheduling and student complaints are the largest part of the job. I am getting more familiar with both. I have also done some hiring of new adjunct faculty. There is plenty of new experiences to be had. I am enjoying the job, so far. It hasn’t been overwhelming in my first year.

An Update



I survived the Fall 2013 term. It was a good term. Converting from 2008 to 2012 went fairly painlessly. I did not get my development done as early as  I would have liked, but it did get done. Overall there were a few issues with lab and quiz settings, but nothing major. One lab will need a update, the 2008 approach works in 2012, but is not the preferred or recommended approach with 2012. A few labs need some rework. They will be redone for winter over the break. That means no development for winter term…


Wait, there’s always development. The plan of attack for Spring term is to have me teach Server Security (287M). Security is not my strongest topic. However, we don’t have anyone else to teach it & I have taught it before. I will start the development for that class over Winter. If we get an instructor that can teach it, I will pass the class along and I will end up with something else.


Something odd happened with enrollment for Winter term. We ended up with a wait list of 22 in my CIS 288M online class. That’s just crazy! No one is sure what sparked that, BUT I can only have 40 total students in the class and that means I will have one hell of an overage. That also means we will be offering it again in Spring. Didn’t see that coming. The plan for next year will be to offer both of the network admin courses (CIS 288M & CIS 289M) Fall, Winter, & Spring until something changes and we can fill those classes. But it certainly makes the Dept chair thing challenging for getting things scheduled. I have to find qualified instructors to fill those gaps.


Being Dept Chair


Nice segue (I totally had to look up how to spell that word, learn something new every day).


Being co dept chair has certainly been interesting. I have been pretty fortunate that the student complaints aspect of the job has been minimal. I have fielded a few issues, but nothing major. The job has been primarily scheduling. As fast you get one schedule rolled out, the next one is in the pipe. And all it takes is one issue and it creates a domino effect.


Another aspect of the dept. chair job is finding part-time instructors. That is something new for me, interviewing and hiring. That has gone ok so far. Finding instructors to teach the networking / operating system course has been challenging. If you are reading this and know someone looking for a part-time job, have them go to & get into the CIS part-time instructor’s pool. Takes experience and at least a bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred.


Doctoral Studies

This aspect of my existence has been fairly quite since I finished my course work over a month ago. The next two things on my radar are preparing for my comprehensive exam and trying to finalize / narrow in on my topic.


I have been reading a book “Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish” by Cone & Foster. It has been pretty helpful. One of the things I got from the book were two programs that I wish I would have found earlier in my coursework:


Stylewriter found here:

StyleEase for APA Style found here:


I will use these programs to help with my comprehensive exam and in the writing of my dissertation. Especially the APA style program. My APA is weak.

Plenty of anxiety floating around. I do not feel as though I used my break leading up to my comprehensive exam effectively or efficiently. I am going to need to gain some ground there. With the teaching break upon me, MAYBE I can get some things accomplished.

I will be using the papers I have written from my previous classes in completing my comprehensive exam. One of my tasks is to get the papers I have written organized. This will include changing the file names to something meaningful and running the papers through the two style programs.

I still have not finalized my plan for my study. My topic holds fast, but no progress beyond that. That has to change as well. I want to hit the ground running so this process does not take forever.



Miniature games – I picked up the Malifaux 2.0 rule book and new figure cards, but have yet to play. Not sure when that will happen. The local scene is still fairly active so it shouldn’t be hard to seek out a game when I can squeeze it into my schedule. (squeeze, more like force with a hammer). I have played Freebooter’s fate recently (in the last month or so). That game is always enjoyable. I need to figure out how to play with the updated voodoo rules. On my list of things to do. I am waiting for a game I backed on a kickstarter ( to arrive. The game is called Drake and has a dragon theme, the whole reason I backed it, Dragon’s are my thing. The delivery of the game is (like most kickstarters) running late.


Roleplaying – This is what I have been doing with more frequency.I am playing Outbreak Undead and game based on a system called Magpie Codex. The Outbreak game is on hold for the holidays but should pick up in late January. I’ve got a regular group and its gone rather well. I still need to work on mastering the system. Magpie Codex is a system I stumble upon among a bunch of PDFs I purchased in a massive bundle. The writer / publisher has since stopped producing the game or any additional materials, but the basics make for a good foundation. The system was originally designed for typical fantasy roleplaying (elves, dwarves, fighting in dungeons, etc.) But the system was pretty easy to adapt to a modern sci-fi fantasy type game. The world is of my own design, a recycled concept I had used years ago.


And that’s about it.



I Blink and it’s Sept!

Spring and summer flew by in a flash – as you might tell from my total lack of updates. I am still alive and I am still plugging along with life, which consists mainly of work and school (some play from time to time).


I officially took over at the Computer Information Systems Department Chair at PCC on Sept 1. However, I began learning the ropes well before that. The dept chair job is not a seat you want to sit in when it’s cold. There are plenty of moving parts and the more you are prepared for, the better. The big things as dept chair are class scheduling, student complaints and managing the adjunct faculty. This is my first step in the management, so there is some nervousness there.

I took over for Scott Quinn, who served as chair for well over 4 years. He left some big shoes to fill. I owe him a lot for his mentorship and guidance.

As I ramp up in that job, I have the regular job of teaching to keep me occupied. So far the term has been quiet. Much quieter than previous fall terms. My class load is reduced slightly due to my dept chair duties. I am teaching two classed, CIS 289M (Active Directory) and CIS 288M (Network Administration). I began the process updating them from Server 2008 to Server 2012 over the summer and the process is mostly done. 289M is about 90% done & 288M, well that’s a different story. Still needs significant work, but I’m making progress.


I am in my very last class, Action Research. I really wanted to take Advanced Qualitative Research, but it wasn’t being offered anytime soon, so I took a class that would be close to my research methodology and topic. I’ve managed to frame my dissertation topic into an Action Research study for the purpose of the class. So there is some progress. I had hoped to spend more time doing research and finding sources related to my topic, at this stage in the game I do not see it happening.

Overall I am fairly apathetic towards this class. It became fairly evident that the instructor is not…. tuned into the class or going to provide any sort of earth shattering insight. This became apparent when it became clear that a fellow student was plagiarizing his work. The best part, plagiarizing from a fellow student, in the same class! Talk about brass one?! I was stunned, and even more stunned with the student plagiarized a second time. I called the instructor during office hours (this is an online class) to express my concerns. The instructor was genuinely unaware and the plagiarism was blatant and pointed out by another student in the class. That left such a bad taste in my mouth. I shifted to, just get through it.

Need to get on my topic research. Once this class is done, I’ll have about a month off before I start my comprehensive exam prep class. Comprehensive exam is Mid-January, hope to be All But Dissertation (ABD) by Mid-February. The goal is to have Chapters 1 thru 3 of my dissertation written by May 2014. Then a year of research? Hope it doesn’t take that long, but I want to give myself a realistic target.

My topic remains college completion at the community college.

A Personal Observation

For years, many, many, many years I have been trying to increase how much read. This was directed at professional reading, reading for leisure, anything. I recognized that growing my knowledge of any topic was going to come from reading. It is what successful people do. Well that has finally started to happen. I’ve read 6 books for leisure in 6 months, that is an amazing accomplishment for me!

I knew I would have to start reading more once I started down the path to Dr. Roberts. I expected it to be a difficult uphill battle. The transition from leisure reading to academic reading hasn’t been hard.

I combined two activities that are not on my yeah list, exercise and reading. So now when I’m on the treadmill I make sure I’ve got something to read. That has helped the reading habit to develop. It takes my mind off of walking so the time goes by faster.

All this personal growth!

Spring is in the Air!

Spring Term Update

Very low key! Having no new development has given me time to provide much better feedback on all assignments. I’m also trying some things to keep me more engaged in the class (I think / hope) . I post weekly messages on Mondays. And as usual  I try to stay active in the discussion boards.

It’s worked so far, getting me to week 6! Over halfway done.

I am teaching a CIS 140 – Client Operating System online in Summer.

The march towards dept chair continues. I officially take the reigns on August 21st. I’m starting to get involved in dept chair type duties learning the ropes. This is going to be a major change for me. I would say I am starting to settle into the realization of what I am in for. But this is something I need to do and have to do to further my career.  I am up for the challenge…..

Finished Educational Law & Quantitative Analysis / Starting Educational Policy

On the EdD front, still making progress. Right on schedule. I have 3 classes left before my comprehensive exam (Educational Policy, Qualitative Analysis & Advanced Research Methods). I start Educational Policy on May 6th (although I already of access to the online course) & Qualitative Analysis in Mid-June. Educational Policy will be directed study (on-on-one with the instructor) & Qualitative is online.

I have taken classes in a variety of formats, and I have come to enjoy the rigor of the online format. Clear deadlines & work structure. You also get to interact with your fellow students. That is a dual edged sword, some fellow student interaction is good, some. Not so good. Overall, it is worth the risk.

I have enjoyed the directed study classes as they are very flexible and allow me to work within my fairly hectic existence.

The on campus classes have proven to be my least favorite format. I enjoyed the monthly trips to Seattle, but the trips were about all I really got out of 90% the on campus classes . Other than a single instance, the time (most important element of my existence) and expense never seemed to be worth the trip. That made me sad.

Books for CIS 240M, 289M & 288M

I have selected the books for CIS 240M, 289M & 288M for the conversion from Server 2008 to Server 2012. And they were approved by the Subject Area Committee for Fall 2013.

Windows Server® 2012 Inside Out [Paperback] –

Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment [Paperback] –

The Inside and Out book will be used for all three classes. This a major change, but the Inside & Out book covers all of the objectives for 240M & 289M and some of the objectives for 288M. The Remote Access book will fill in the gaps of 288M.

I’m pretty hyped about at least having the books. Now I have to get the ball rolling on planning the new development over summer. Never a dull moment.

We will also be taking a different approach to teaching 288M and 289M Next year. I will teach on class on campus and the other class on online. The next term we’ll switch. That should also be different.

Something I want to try – Microsoft Virtual Academy (

I came across this while searching for books for the networking courses. I have no idea how it works, but it looks like its got a lot of MS technologies that would help me to sharpen my technological edge. (Because I have so much free time for that.) I’ve got the link in my browser bar and see it all the time. Just need to carve out some time to take a peek.

“You should show your blog some love”

That’s what I was told by a former student I keep in contact with. And truer words couldn’t be spoken.

Well my update indicates one thing, another term is DONE! Winter Term 2013 is in the books. This was a good term. I was very happy with how 225 went, very smooth. Really can’t say that very often. 187I, that was a different story. My labs were rough to say the least. Attention to detail on my part. Those kinds of things bother me the most. There were a lot of mistakes I could have avoided with a second or third pass over the lab instructions. CIS 288M status quo, I’ve taught it so much it was pretty much auto pilot. Although, I had to add a technical skills assessment (TSA) to the class.

The TSA is a way to prove to the state the Computer Information Systems – Networking Administration degree is meeting the outcomes as outlined. Me and another networking instructor developed a series of labs that addresses all outcomes and inserted the lab into our classes. I was able to insert the labs into my class with a fair share of ease, the topics of the lab were already found throughout my class.

I realized now that I’m going to have to generate a report on the first attempt at this. Report my own insight and how the students did overall. One more thing.

The next “big thing” is planning the migration from Server 2008 to Server 2012. A migration from Windows 7 to Windows 8 has been put on hold. This is due to several burning issues. One and probably the biggest. Windows 8 in the corporate environment. PCC has discussed this issue as part of upgrades to systems in the labs & on desks and it doesn’t sound like there’s wide acceptance. Also….

There’s talk of Windows Blue! Yes, another operating system.

Haven’t heard about Windows Blue:,2817,2417020,00.asp

Doesn’t sound…. Positive. So PCC will wait and see. The focus of our program is always what will students see when they graduate. And if the corporate world is doing something different, we as an institution must adapt.

As for the Server 2012 migration, It looks like we’ve got a book for 240M (server intro/ some Active Directory) and 289M (all Active Directory). And that leaves 288M the step child of Microsoft networking courses. The topics are so quick and dirty in 288M, DNS, DHCP, networking done the MS way that its hard to find a book that presents a term’s worth of material. But I need to find that book in short order. One of the items on my spring break list.

And then I need to build the lab environment and get my hands dirty…..

For Spring, I’m teaching 225 again, 289M & 140M (Client Operating System – Win7) Should be another low key term. Two out of three classes are online. That’ll be interesting. There’s 0 development this term, which I’m ok with!  Just class prep & grading. Which should be enough.

Then there’s my Doctoral Studies:

I am in quantitative analysis and education law in higher education. The Quant class is on campus, so that means monthly trips to Seattle. But that’s about it. And I realized this will be my last trip coming up. My last three classes will most likely be online. I’m not totally sad about that. I rather enjoy the structure and interaction with fellow students that comes with being online.

My last three classes are qualitative analysis, education policy & advanced research methods. Which means my time to find a new dissertation topic is really getting slim. I’m going to focus on the completion agenda (that’s a topic post all by its lonesome).

I’m on track for comprehensive exam in January. WOW, that’s closing in fast.

And The Other Stuff

Work & School

Those are the major chunks of my existence.  Let’s start with work:

Biggest news, its official, starting Fall of 2013 I will be the Co-Department Chair for CIS @ PCC. Spending time as dept. chair is part of my overall career plan and the first real step on my career path to be a college president.

What does the dept. chair do?

Three major things:
First, scheduling. The dept. chair is responsible for scheduling all classes for the dept. The CIS dept is large enough to warrant two dept. chairs. So the massive scheduling duties will be cut in two enormous chunks.

Second, managing the part-time faculty. Hiring new part-time faculty, performing part-time evaluations, etc. This will be my first management experience ever. Its necessary for my continued advancement towards my goal and I have to start somewhere.

Third, (and probably the most fun!) Student complaints. After a student is unable to resolve an issue with the instructor, they typically  go to the dept. chair. If the complaint is against a full-timer, it is passed on to the dean.

The other duties vary….

I’ve talked about this transition for probably 2 or 3 years. Now that it’s going to happen, I’m a little nervous. I’m sure that nervousness will expand exponentially as we get closer to Fall.

I’ve got plenty to keep me busy until then.

Winter term is looking to be fairly brutal. All 3 of my classes will need some sort of attention & of course 2 out 3 are jammed packed!

The CIS 225, is being offered online for the first time. While there are no in class  lectures, making sure things look and feel right are going to be fairly major.

CIS 187I I’ve never hit my stride with that course. It’s so similar to my 287I course its hard to really make 187I its own course. We’ll see what I come up with. I think I need to make it more basic…..

CIS 288M, because I’m due to redesign all the networking courses in near future, the plan has been to leave them alone. However, we are working on something called a Technical Skills Assessment. And it has to be added to a course and that course is 288M! This assessment is used to ensure students are meeting the outcomes that have been outlined for the networking degree.

Fortunately, I think most of what is required in the assessment is already in 288M. That’s a good thing. But I’ll need to do some patchwork and make sure it all fits.

Oh and one other little detail, I’m writing the Technical Skills Assessment with another faculty member, so it’s not done yet.

For me, one of the hardest things to do as instructor is to stay on top of grading. I’ve got to get that under control, and Winter term is going to be my target. I’m going to work daily grading into my schedule if it KILLS ME! It would save me so much pain in the long run. I’ll set out on the journey again and we’ll see how it goes.

Where work meets school

I have been doing an internship for my E.d.D. program. I have been working with Heather Lang the Sylvania Campus Dean of Students. She is my internship supervisor. The goal was to learn more about the student services side of higher education. I am fairly familiar with Instructional side of things.

Through this process I got to look at the formation of a new initiative designed to address the federal and state mandates and future mandates regarding the completion agenda. The simplified explanation, the completion agenda is an initiative designed to get more people that start college to finish college. The debate begins when you begin to discuss what finish means. To some, finishing means the student ends the process with a degree. The degree is the focus of the initiative. That has profound impact on community colleges because a degree isn’t always the goal of the community college student.

So the internship has focused around how PCC is approaching this issue, including examining the direction things are going at state and federal levels.

I see this topic being around and impacting my career in community college leadership on all levels. And the impact will be great enough that I’m going to be changing my dissertation topic. While distance learning is “safe” and interesting topic for me.  This process is about personal growth. Becoming a subject matter expert on the topic will certainly help my career in the long run. I don’t know the details of how I’m going to frame the big topic down into something I can work with, but the seed is planted.

This class is almost done….

When this class is done, I’ll have 5 left! Sadly, such a small numbers translates into a year left of classes. Oh semesters, they seem to take FOREVER! But this time next year I should be done with course work and be gearing up for my comprehensive exam.

My next two classes are Quantitative Analysis (counting things) & Education Law: Higher Education. Time to do some heavy lifting. Not looking forward to the Quantitative Analysis….. Oh with the change in topic my research method will most likely change from Quantitative Analysis to Qualitative Analysis (talking and stuff).

Something of Value

I haven’t blogged in a while for a few reasons, the first and most obvious, I’ve been busy.  But the more important reason, is Value. Why would anyone bother to read my ramblings; Big deal, I work I go to school. Who cares?!

So I decided I’d wait to write until I had something of value to include (with my regular ramblings.)

Given that, lets talk about one of the hot topics in the Windows networking work. New operating systems:

The writing is on the walls, The Microsoft networking classes (CIS 140M, 240M, 288M, & 289M) will be start teaching based on Server 2012 & Windows 8 in Fall of 2013.

What does it take to make this happen? How does PCC’s CIS networking dept go about making such a monumental change.

We start with when the actual OS will be released and when we expect to see books written on the released version of the OS. Versus books written on the beta versions. Things change between beta and release and it can cause confusion. We usually plan to launch the course with the updated operating system in fall term. So the course development happens over the summer.

Here are some notes from my touch of the new operating systems:

No install without activation Key for Windows 2012 & Windows 8….. Blah!

Needed to set both my VMs to Internal Only so they couldn’t auto activate

Straightforward installs

Windows 8:
Performed a custom install of Win 8
No sharing
Turned off Windows Update
Turned off SmartScreen Filter (need to look that up)
Left all of the Send Microsoft Info items off
Turned off Windows Error Reporting & IE compatibility checking
Turned off Share info with Apps features
Requires an email address….. Used:

Attempted to connect to the Internet, can’t created a local account
Managed to get to the desktop, lucky guess
Trying to find the control panel
Found something! Mouse to the lower right hand corner of the task bar brings up controls
Settings! Control Panel! Boo-ya! Alright, there’s the familiar ground.
Also found the shut down

Server 2012
Just asked for a password
RARRRR! No start menu?!
Opened Service Manager (by mistake)
And that’s where they’ve hidden shutdown! It’s in a task drop down window.
Shutdown looks the same from there.

“They turned a tool into a toy!” John (my tech person @ PCC)

I’ve talked with a few professionals about the transition and most agree, it’s just different. It’s a different approach (going all mobile for Win 8 ) & different look at feel.

There are other major considerations for this transition. 2012 does not run on 32-bit hardware. That means…. Students that can’t run 64-bit virtualization are going to have an issue. I’ve yet to come up  with a viable solution to this & its going to take some bigger brains than mine along to figure that out.

Not the most in-depth look, but it’s a start.

I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to approach this Blog of Value thing. First thought is to develop a list of topics and a set schedule for updates. Surely with a little planning I can post regularly, right ?!

Here’s something: Latest version of Virtual Box (4.2.4)

This version of VirtualBox has two features that will my students should be happy with: “Shared Clipboard” & “Drag & Drop”

I noticed these features while doing some misc testing. I’ve yet to give them a try but I’m sure they will come in handy.

Fall Term is Officially Underway!

WOW! Here we go!

In-Service week was fairly quick and painful. Almost total information overload.

Course development is coming along, not as far along as I’d like to be. But hopefully I’m able to get ahead of the power curve. I’m enjoying the development of 287M, server security. A lot of work, but eh….. Very good information. I have high hopes for this class.

Classes are full or close to full (that’s always a good thing).

My schedule is fairly reasonable, I am in the classroom Monday Mid-day, Wednesday  Mid-day and Evening, & Thursday evening.

Right now I’m sooooo far behind in my community college finance class for my E.d.D. that I have blocked out Tuesday, Friday & Saturday to play catch up. Hoping this is only the case for a week, maybe two. Then I  can redistribute that time to course development. Book issues and scheduling interviews for assignments have done a lot of damage to my time table.

I am hoping to put some technical content in upcoming blogs. Like tech stuff I learn from the server security class. (Lofty goals for sure!)

Fall Term is closing in!

First, I got an A in both Community College Leadership Course AND Organization & Governance of Community Colleges. The governance class was a lot of work! But I survived. Next up is Community College Finance. I’m sure that’ll be good tymes!

Whelp, the rapid march back to the classroom has begun. My classes are pretty packed, which is a good thing. Going to be a busy fall term – as always.

I’ve taught 289M so many times it’ll be the quickest to have ready to roll. The major thing with 289M is making some tweaks that should reduce some of the replication issues in the labs. Hopefully the tweaks will remove some of the potential for the labs to implode on students. I’m sure bad things will still happen, but I have to do what I can to ease the pain.

287I One of the challenges with this class since its inception has been books. There’s no one text book that covers Linux & Windows Server AND the other topics related to web servers. So I’ve been using PCC’s subscriptions to Safari books. It worked pretty well until PCC realized that very few people were actually using the Safari books & didn’t renew the subscription. So the CIS dept is getting its own subscription. We’ll be testing it out in Fall term. Hope it goes well.

I’ve taught 287I a few times. So overall development should be light. I need to add all the Safari book information to the syllabus. I’ll need to do some proofing as well. But overall shouldn’t be to hard to get that course ready to roll.

287M on the other hand….. The course structure is complete in Desire2Learn & the syllabus is written. The labs are taking shape, but course content. I need to get that lined up and ready to go. My security background isn’t strong, but far from a security expert. So I’m going to have to expand my knowledge quickly and be ready to pass that knowledge on. It’ll be a challenge, but that’s how I roll.

Another aspect of this upcoming year, I get to be Subject Area Committee Co-Chair this year. Fun! There are a few items taking shape on that front. I’ll be responsible for getting all of the updated CCOG’s (course guidelines) through the curriculum committee. I’m sure I’ll have a few other duties to contend with.

Things are rolling along and picking up pace.