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Another update so soon?!

I wanted to report back on my lunch with Dr. Preston Pulliams, the district president of PCC. On Monday (7/9) I met the president an his assistant Neal for lunch. The president wanted to thank me for my work on the PEAK committee, including presenting at the American Association of Community Colleges convention in his absence.

I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Pulliams & Neal questions about leadership and ask for some advice in my career path. Neal has served under a number of district presidents and provided some valuable observations. These observations complemented and echoed Dr. Pulliams insight. Lunch was also motivating.

School wears you down and my pace only accelerates the process. So understanding why I’m doing what I’m doing, having a goal that I know is achievable and hearing positive things are very welcome.

Speaking of school and my pace, there is no way schedule-wise I can be done with my course work by Summer of 2014. *sad panda* The biggest issue isn’t finishing the course work, it’s actually timing the comprehensive exam. I wanted to take the comprehensive over summer when I’m off. However the best case scenario would be the exam would be given over In-service week the week before the start of fall term. NOPE! Bad timing. That leaves, 2 or 3 weeks into Winter tem. While far from ideal, it’s far more realistic. I will have to talk to my dean and see if that’s possible.

Schedule-wise, that gives me an additional semester to finish. That’s not a bad thing and means I might slow down a bit, go to 2 classes a semester. Or just allow me to ease up going into the exam. We shall see.

I am a tad disappointed, but its just life’s way of slowing me own a bit before I burn out.

I’m focused on school work this week and revisit course development soon.

Finals Week…..

That about says it all!

I’ll do a full update when things settle down.


I luv you, girl! Thanks for the first 13 and all the rest to come.

Life Rules

I had posted this a while back on another blog and today I really need some reenforcement…..

“life rules” that Warren Buffett’s (first?) wife created, according to her granddaughter:

1. show up

2. tell the truth

3. pay attention

4. do your best

5. don’t be attached to the outcome

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