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Windows 7/Vista God Mode Folder

Basically Windows 7 god mode (may also work in Vista) allows you to aggregate all of the Windows 7 utilities in one place (IE local users and groups, error logs, network utilities).

Just make a folder on your desktop and rename it the following:


For more info check out this article here.

Linux – Class

So….. The all things Microsoft Instructor that I am, I’m taking a linux admin course.

I’m going to be teaching a Web Server admin class and 40% of all webservers are apache webservers. Huuuuummmmm, gonna need some Linux skillz for that.

So far the class hasn’t been to trying, basics of getting the OS installed on a virtual machine (VM). Not much different from installing a Windows OS onto a VM.

I’ve got a quiz to take, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to take a quiz… Even a cert test for that matter. A little nervous about that.

I am getting some new ideas for what to do in my own classes.

Term is in Full Swing!

We’re about to roll into Week 3 of the Winter term – no-stop!

First two weeks have been busy/hectic but not totally spiraling out of control. There’s always plenty to do. I sat down to work out a schedule of things I should be doing and how to approach them. Quickly realized I’d schedule myself to work every day of the week! Something teaching related. That’s not good, that’ll lead right down the road to burnout. SO! I chanced it up a bit. Scheduled some non-work time in there. I think the plan is realistic and if I can’t get effective and efficient It’ll work out very well. I’ll catch up, stay current and maybe even get ahead.

We’ll see how it plays out.

Life Rules

I had posted this a while back on another blog and today I really need some reenforcement…..

“life rules” that Warren Buffett’s (first?) wife created, according to her granddaughter:

1. show up

2. tell the truth

3. pay attention

4. do your best

5. don’t be attached to the outcome

Original interview found here:

Upgrade to Windows 7

Over the break I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. I knew if I didn’t do it over the break I’d have to wait until Spring. 

I ran the Upgrade Advisor for Windows 7 and it looked alright, only problem. I’d installed Vista Ultimate because it was free (legal). Now I had no way to get my hands on a free (legal) copy of windows 7 Ultimate. That means – Fresh install. Which I didn’t feel was a BAD idea.

 I wanted to still have access to my old stuff so I planned to bring up a Virtual Machine of my Vista Ultimate laptop…… Technologically – it made since. BUT in practice – NOT so much!

 Tried a few different methods, Vista native backup, a few different back up apps. Then I came across a backup app that can turn a backup into Virtual Drive – yeah! I spent most of the time trying to do the upgrade making back ups with various programs. The backup app made the Virtual machine, but it wouldn’t boot – hung every time. Tried a repair and that didn’t work either.

 So I checked for my data and just blasted my laptop. Got the OS installed, most apps reinstalled and I was back online.

 I also decided to try Microsoft’s Expression Suite for my website management. That was wholly disappointing.  The Expressions web app doesn’t do well with WebDAV. I was unable to connect via WebDAV to my courses. Since that was the major portion of what I wanted to do I didn’t even try a regular FTP site. That meant back to Dreamweaver, from MX (2004) to CS4.

 Dreamweaver hasn’t changed much at all over the years. Still pretty simple to manage sites and get rollin. Didn’t want ot shell out the $$$ but oh well. Life can be rough like that.

 I’ve been happy with Windows 7, look and feel is a lot different from Vista, but overall – nothing to make me just up and down.

Virtual Box

For the Linux class we setup a virtual machine on Virtual Box. I’d heard of Virtual Box in the Fall term and wanted to give it a shot. Virtual PC doesn’t have any USB support and so I thought I’d try Virtual Box and see how it handles USB. That worked rather well.


I’m duly impressed with it and may move my classes to Virtual Box for setting up virtual lab environments. I’ll be using it this term to get a better feel for it.

Teaching and Learning

Doing a whole lot of both. 

I’m going to be teaching a web administration class in the very near future. In my research, 40% of all web servers run on Apache and some for of Linux/Unix. I’ve been a Microsoft Tech for a long time and have on dabble in Linux briefly, very briefly. In order to develop some LinuxSkills I’m taking a Linux class at PCC. I’m expecting a challenge on all fronts, scheduling/time managament, bringing knowledge to bear, etc.

Also, this gives me the opportunity to  see how other online instructors approach online classes. Adding enlightening to the list of things I expect from this class.

I’m teaching two new classes this term, A Microsoft Client Class – Vista and 2008 Active Directory class and one class I’ve taught several times, Server Admin. Talk about a full load in the Winter Term. I still have expectations to expand on my courses, go outside the book. We’ll see how those expectations hold up.

 During the break between terms I managed to get a lot done, not as much as I’d hoped, but hey something is better than nothing. One of the things I managed to accomplish was adding some audio. Not much just a simple audio welcome.

Expansion of my Technical Library


In preparation for the Winter Term, I’ve added the following books to my technical Library:


Active Directory® Administrator’s Pocket Consultant (Administrators Pocket Consultant) [Paperback]

By: William Stanek

Windows Server 2008 Inside Out [Paperback]

By: William R. Stanek


Windows Server 2008 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant (Pro – Administrator’s Pocket Consultant) [Paperback]

By: William Stanek


Windows Server 2008 Unleashed [Hardcover]

By: Rand Morimoto, et al


All four books got decent reviews. Books by Stanek seemed to be highly regarded as a author.


I intend to begin supplementing the book with outside sources. Possibly finding a better tech book than a cert book. We’ll see.