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Monthly Archives : March, 2010

Grading, Grading and more Grading

Well the term is done….. Kinda!

I’ve got two classes worth of grading and three classes worth of grades to post.

Thank heavens for the TA!

3 Lectures left, but who is counting….

I’M COUNTING! I’ve been buried this term. Having a TA certainly helped me dig out, and will help with the end of term grading.

There’s only a week between Spring and Winter term and of course I’ve got a lot of ground to cover. I’m going to be doing a lot of edits to my server admin class and I’m teaching a brand new class, without a book. A text book really help provide some structure and flow to a course. It saves a heck of a lot of time in course development. I’m hoping to get at least 3 weeks worth of materials together before the start of the class. Don’t want to start behind the 8-ball as usual.

Overall, I wasn’t happy with the Winter Term.  I didn’t feel as though any of my three classes went as smooth as they could have. The Active Directory class was a train wreck! Book issues out the waazu! That’s what lead to horrible backlog of grading.

And so I’ve basically been keeping it together, but barely.

Oh and the Linux class. I’ve learned stuff. But not nearly as much as I wanted to. The class was simply added to the mess that is my life and shuffled around to make room for everything.