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Monthly Archives : May, 2010

Teaching Update

This term is going considerably smoother than last term. My work load is much less. Easing into Summer I guess.

I’m currently teaching the server admin class and Web Tech class. The web tech class is coming along nicely. The concepts are there. The biggest challenge. Linux vs. Windows. I’m teaching both. I’ve always been a Windows Guy. I took the Linux class and I learned a little, but MAN! Generating Linux labs takes a heck of a lot of knowledge. I’m getting it, baptism by fire! For sure. I’m certainly learning a lot.

I realized I wasn’t giving 240M enough attention at the beginning of the term. I was able to correct that, fairly early on.

The term is moving FAST though. Past the mid-way point already – Week 8.

I’m looking forward to the summer “off” I’ll be work, I’ll be working a lot actually. Just no requirement to be in front of a class or to be on campus. The plans for summer are to re-write and re-organize 240M, 288M and 289M. As well as create from scratch 287I (web server administration). Giving each course a month of attention I’ll be ready for Fall term – I hope.

I’d consider my first year a success. I got a very good 1st year review and appear to click well with my peers.

Being in the classroom hasn’t changed much since my first day of teaching.


I luv you, girl! Thanks for the first 13 and all the rest to come.