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Monthly Archives : September, 2010

Full Swing!

The term is in full swing. Things have gone well so far. As expected, I’m no where NEAR where I wanted to be at the end week 1 of the term. Here’s to hoping I start to gain some ground.

I had some glitches in my lab environment, caused a few rebuilds, thank goodness for snapshots. Saved time, but I’m still having my share of problems.

While extremely busy, overall things are going well.

And We’re Off……

Monday the 13th started In-Service week. That means having to get up and be on campus is required! The first day was the district in-service. This means ALL faculty and staff from PCC was required to attend a massive assembly. Good tymes! The guest speaker was entertaining and informative. It was good seeing familiar faces, some I haven’t seen since we completed New Faculty Inservice last year.

The 14th was campus and Division inservice meetings. Both of those were also informative. But that was a loooooong day! 8am – 5pm. Hey! After being off all summer….. what do you expect!

I’m as ready for the term to start as I’m going to be. I will be using as much of the last 5 days as I possibly can to get ready for the term. I’ve got teaching stuff as well as administrative stuff to tackle.  Today is a hunker down down, I’ve got a list a mile long of things that need to be done before tomorrow’s SAC and Division meeting.

I spoke with my Distance Learning Faculty Mentor and my Distance Learning Class in Desier 2 Learn should be approved This week. Which is good, since I’m teaching from it starting Monday.

Something new for this term is co-teaching, I’ve never done that before. I’m working with a new Part-time facutly and I think the experience will be good for both of us. Not to mention, it’s always nice to have someone helping pull the wagon train!

This term I’ve got 120 or so students spread out about my classes. That’s going to make for a LOT of work.

But hey, I had summer off. Time to earn the good will for next summer.

See that light? Hear that horn? The light at the end of the tunnel…. is a train!

Know Thy Self……

I knew waaaaay back in Spring term 2010 that I’d have a problem meeting my loft goal of having my updated course format ready to roll come Fall term. It was quite laughable that I believed It was possible. And on top of that I was going to get some IT Certs! Self full filling prophecy? Sure, we’ll call it that.

 None of my three courses for Fall 2010 term are 100% ready. They will be ready to go for the start of the term on Sept 20th. But there will be soooooo much work to do during the term it won’t a walk in the park. Unless that park is an African Safari where lion and other animals run free and walking, along, with a stick. (Guess that’s a kinda grim…..)

 Even as the term closes in, I’m not being efficient or effective. I’d hoped to have the first 3 weeks of the term prepared for all three of my classes. All lectures prepared, labs written, etc. That hasn’t happened. Week 1’s materials are ALMOST done! Almost, what kind of madness is that. This is going to be jam packed term. I’m camped at well over 100 Students for all three of my classes. I’m co-teaching on of those classes so hopefully that’ll take some of the heat off me.

I’m also hoping to keep the stress of it all under control. The plan is to develop a routine that ensures I give ample time to every aspect of teaching and course development.

Ha! sounds good on paper!

I think I just work better under the pressure and self reliance to keep me moving in the right direction without an outside force just isn’t gonna work.

Well I’m about to get some pressure that’s for sure.

I’m pleased with the new lab environment. And I think it’ll be well received. I’m just hoping I can keep thing moving along and make things remain valuable and relevant.