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Monthly Archives : October, 2010

I guess I blinked

Because it’s already week 6 of the Term! Holy Crap! I’m keeping pace. Having a co-teacher has certainly helped lighten the load, but I’m still pretty dang busy.  It wears me out, but I’m enjoying teaching. It’s fun & certainly an occupation that offers challenges and rewards. Seeing students understand a concept, or even better get a job as a direct result of what they learned from me, equates to warm fuzzy.

EdD – I’ve made up my mind, I’m going for it. Starting in Summer I plan to begin a doctorate program to get my EdD in Community College Leadership. I’ll look to focus on technology in some way, shape or form. We’ll see how it plays out. It’s a daunting undertaking for sure. Watching Cyn (my wife) work through her program is both, inspiring and terrifying all in the same breath. I see the value down the road of having a doctorate.

Subject Matter Expert – Ever want to be an authority on a subject, or series of subjects. I’ve wanted to expand my knowledge in a subject so that I could talk in depth about something meaningful. I’ve picked my topic, Active Directory! I teach it, I want to know more than just the surface details, Domain Controllers replicate. I want to know the replication process, the message sent between servers. All of that.

So how do I become the subject matter expert. Reading everything there is to read about Active Directory. The best start is the textbook I’m using for one of my classes. Reading…. There it is again. I don’t do enough of it. I’m doing more professional reading than I have in the past. Not as steady as I would like, but its an improvement over – NOT READING AT ALL! So I’m moving it along.

I’ll keep you posted on….. (provided I can come up for air more frequently)

The IT certification ship has sailed. I have a hard time justifying the expense and time expenditure reqiured to successfully get IT certs at this stage in my career. For someone working in the field, looking for a job, certs make sense. Maybe in the distance future, my mindset will change. But I don’t think so.

Man Overboard!

I could use a life raft! I’m drowning in all of it!

I don’t think that would bother me as much as the attention to detail mistakes I keep finding. Being on time is good, but having so many mistakes…. not good, not good at all. So I’m working that.

Today I’m taking a step back, taking a look from a different angle.

Hopefully this helps, because something has to give!