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Monthly Archives : December, 2010


Vacation! And I can’t wait!

Fall term wasn’t bad. I did a lot of new things in my classes:

  • New book
  • New approach to labs
  • Co-teaching
  • Adding Demos to video lectures

Overall, I’d say it was a successful term. The biggest thing was attention to detail. A lot  of errors, typ0s, spelling issues. Going to have to watch those for Winter Term. Going to try and be more pro-active vs. reactive. (Not like I don’t say that all the time!)

For Winter term, much of the same. Rolling out new techniques to a class in development. As well as fine tuning several other classes. One of the goals for the upcoming term, diving deeper into the subject matter. It’s easy to expose students to the topics, but there arrives a point in time where it’s time to dig deeper, challenge the students and yourself.

We’ll see how that plays out.

But the important thing right now…… VACATION! 5 days in Mexico, Cancun with Two days of travel.