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Cert Study & Classes for Fall 2011 at PCC

First things First, Cert Study stalled – horribly. I realized I need to get my hands on Server 2008 R2 study materials. My practice exams have R2 questions but the MS Press books are R1. In my book research, I found only one study guide has been updated for R2. So I need to pick that up. The plan is to get my study on, in August to test in Sept. I really need to pass 70-640 and get it off my goals for my yearly evaluation.

For Fall I’m teaching, CIS 298M, CIS 225 & CIS 287I. The plan is to have all three classes ready to roll come the first day of the term. This means all course materials posted, dates set to lock and unlock materials etc. CIS 225 is actually done! That was a major achievement. Right before the end of the term I’ll go back in and double check everything. CIS 289M is the next closest, and that’s only because CIS 287I is mostly just concepts right now. :( I’m hoping to get a major burst of motivation and hammer out CIS 289M sooooon. I need as much time as I can get to work and develop CIS 287I. I have taught CIS 287I once before but it didn’t play out the way I’d hoped. So here’s to second chances.

I plan on getting a TA in place for my 289M as soon as humanly possible. At least a week or two into the term. Going to start Fall term off on the right foot.

That’s about it for now.



It’s been a while…..

Over 6 years actually, since I was a student in a classroom environment.

I’m in the middle of my first doctorate class: Critical Analysis of Problems & Issues in Education. It’s gone well. The topics for the class are heavily focused on K-12. Which takes me out of my element considering, I don’t teach those grades, don’t have kids, OR work closely with students fresh out of high school. Most of my classes are 200 lvl classes and technical in nature. So far this hasn’t been a big issue; I take a lot of notes as some of the concepts are completely foreign to me.

So far it’s been mostly reading and class exchanges. There’s a massive paper due at the end of the class that I’ve got to start putting some effort towards. A topic has started to take shape, but I’m far from ready to roll.

For fall, I’ll be taking two classes, E7136 – Higher Education in the United States & W7000 – Advanced Academic Study & Writing

Oh joy!

Summer Break Update!

I made it! The term ended….. Yeah! Summer “vacation” has started. Vacation, sure…. That’s what I’ll call it!  I’ve been to campus at least once a week since summer break started.  I’ve started preparing to Fall 2011. If I don’t start the term in tip, top shape ready to roll – it’s going to be brutal!

Overall I was pleased with Spring term, it was somewhat odd, but its done. Now I’ll looking over my summer list. It’s somewhat daunting. But I confident I can get through it.

My goals for Summer:

  • Get all materials for CIS 289M, CIS 225 & CIS 287I ready to roll for the entire term.
  • Pass the Cert Exam for MCTS Exam 70-640
  • Split the labs for CIS 240M & CIS 288M into two parts, R1 & R2

Mix that with my personal goals for summer and the list is…. Crazy!

Oh and to top it all off, I started my Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Community College Executive Leadership. Back in the classroom, as a student. It’s been 6 years since I played student. This is gonna be interesting.

So the first thing I need to do is go through the course and read everything in detail. Need to get a firm understanding of what’s going on, remembering all the things I get on my students about. Reading the instructions from start to finish in detail.

For my Cert Study, I’ve got the full network environment setup. Several virtual services setup to test all kinds of things. Actually practice stuff.

I’d also like to get back to posting various tech information.