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Monthly Archives : August, 2011

Major Update

I finished my first class, not a whole lot to say – other than…. I’m glad its done. 1 down, 15 to go!

I got to talk with the Chair of the dept which was interesting. I now have a fairly clear idea on how the competency exam works. Cyn (My wife) will be taking that in May. It’s pretty much what Cyn had gathered over the course of the program but the details are a bit more filled in. It’s 4 questions, the first question relates to your field of study. The second is a research question based on the first question. The last two are ethics related to research and something else. You have 7 days to complete it. It must be a fully annotated multi-page paper for each question. I’ll get to that after my course work.

I’m going to hammer out two class starting the second week in Sept. I’m going to take online classes for winter and then in spring take the very first research class. I plan to take a Stats class at PCC before I take the second research class. That’s the class Cyn just finished and it wasn’t good tymes. Refreshing my stats will help me focus more on the class.

Fall term is fast approaching, about a month away. Did I accomplish everything I set up to accomplish, heck no! But I’ll say it was pretty dang productive. Sept until Dec is going to CRAZY. And work now will save pain in the future.

Cert study picked up a little steam, I’ve got a new R2 Cert book. Of course right after I picked up the new book, MS Press released the updated R2 book. I prefer MS press books, but what’s done is done.

Honestly, I don’t see myself EVER passing this cert exam. On my list of priorities it seems to be pretty low. I’d really like to take that test and get it off my chest, but we shall see.

My preparation for Fall term moves along. My CIS 225 class is ready to go. My 289M class is moving along – 287I is no close to where it should be. Gonna have to get cracking on that soon.

My plan for 289M is to get up to Module 4 complete then move onto 287I. I’m getting there.

I joined a PCC guiding team over the summer to help develop the standards for online course materials in relation to students with disabilities. This team is there to make recommendation to the college on how to ensure classes are meeting the needs of students with disabilities.

I was asked to join the team because I use a lot of multimedia in my courses. Mostly recordings of my lectures.

One of the things that came out of the meetings, I can produce my own captioning on my videos. The program I use, Camtasia can do most of the heavy lifting. Then I go in and edit the captioning, proofing to make sure everything looks good.

I was pretty impressed with myself. I got 3 out of 5 lectures updated with captioning. Very cool! My biggest motivation in learning to caption is now I don’t have to send my work off weeks in advance to be captioned. And because I’m using Camtasia, the look and feel remains consistent.