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Monthly Archives : November, 2011

I am Looking Forward to Winter Break

However, getting there won’t be easy! There’s 2 weeks left in the EdD term and 3 weeks left in the teaching term.

For the EdD semester I have a few assignments left. Of course none of those assignments are easy. A dissertation critique, rounding out an annotated bibliography, writing a prospectus for my own dissertation and PowerPoint presentation for that prospectus. See just a few assignments left.

I started preparing for the annotate bibliography & dissertation critique last week. I found several dissertations that fell into the realm of my research topic. One dissertation covers the exact topic I plan to do my study on. This is the dissertation I will use for my dissertation critique. The topic is distance learning & this study was performed in Texas, while I plan to focus on Oregon community colleges.

The challenge, this dissertation is a 100 pages! I’ve been working on improving my reading, speed, comprehension and frequency. I read just about every day, some leisure, some academic. I’d like to mix in some professional/technical in there. But leisure and academic are already kicking my tail. Once I’ve finished this dissertation I’ll have to write up the critique.

The greatest feedback I’ve gotten so far on my writing skill is technically I am sound proficient writer. I can provide a detailed summary of what I have read. That is OK, in research you have to be able to “synthesize” what your read. You have to analyze and draw conclusions on the reading. You have to dig deeper than what is presented on the surface. THIS is proving more challenging that the reading aspect. Reading more dissertations and research studies should help me improve. It is a skill will have to work hard to develop.

I have signed up for my next two classes:

E7134 – Comprehensive Planning and Implementation

R7001-A – Introduction to Research Methods


They will run from January to April.

Onto the teaching term.

Things have gone rather well this term. I have a TA helping keep things moving along. As always course development is an issue. I can not seem to keep it under control! I have things I want to change, things I want to improve, it’s a never ending battle, which is not a bad thing. There are times where I wouldn’t mind being caught up. Maybe next term will be different – ha!

My students have been pretty good this term. No difficult or challenging students.

Why Bother?!

Why bother?!

I have come to the conclusion that in order to survive the massive undertaking of an Ed.D.  I am going to have to be organized, efficient and effective, among a list of other attributes. But a head of all that comes the big question: “Why Bother?!”

What is my motivation? What is my overall goal?

From my recent readings, the degree is not the end goal, it’s a path and stepping stone.  I just finished reading  – “Notes On the PhD Degree” found here:

It revisited a lot of things I’d already heard since starting this program, but it’s good to see again.

I got laid off and move into academia. PCC is such a dynamic organization with plenty of opportunity to advance into a leadership role.  I decided having more credentials would be a good thing in my quest for leadership opportunities.

So what are my goals:
• Open doors to executive leadership within the community college system
• Become subject matter expert in distance learning.

A good start I would say.

I have completed 2 classes so far and I am in the middle of my third. I am keeping on.

We are already into November! Thanksgiving – Really!?!?!

The teaching term is over halfway done. As always, I am a bit behind on development.  Looks like I will have far less development in Winter Term which is a good thing considering how busy I am going to be. We get a fairly long winter break this year, and I am not mad!