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Monthly Archives : December, 2011

Feels Strange…..

But I’ve been relaxing.  I have not been working since I started winter break. I’m a bit surprised (and impressed) with myself.

Lets wrap up fall term & then start talking about winter term.

In the end I was pleased with fall term 2011. It was a long  fast paced 4 months. I felt both of my courses (CIS 287I & CIS 289M) went pretty well. No catastrophes, I kept up on development, grading (with the help of a teacher’s assistant) & my own school work. My end of course evaluations for 289M were pretty good. I managed to forget to post the eval for 287I (silly rabbit!) I got an A in my writing 7000 course. There were a lot of little things in that course, attention to detail issues that costs me points, much like the Higher Education in the United States class. However, the feedback was outstanding, it was feedback not on my writing mechanics but on my writing depth and skills at the doctorial level. My mechanics appear to be dead on aside from the occasional attention to detail issues. In the depth and skill department, I have to improve my ability to turn a critical eye to things. I have to read, analyze what I read and THEN be able to draw conclusions using supported facts and concepts. It will take some work. Overall that, that sums up Fall term.


I learned that organization and planning are the key to survival. I have to develop and maintain and clear understanding of what is due and stay on top of it. Procrastination will not help the situation AT ALL! I need to break all those bad habits, quick. I have to watch out for those details. It really bothers me to loose ground because of attention to detail issues.


There’s no doubt that I’m busy, but there are a few things I have to squeeze into an already jam packed existence. My technical skills are slipping. I teach technology and I have to stay up on the new hotness. When I worked in the technology as my full time job there was incentive to research and look at new things. That incentive was because I had to. Now its considerably harder. I sat in on the classes of new instructors and it made me realize because I’m not active in network administration, I need to put in extra effort to know what is going on. The second thing is keeping up with the industry of community colleges, education and community college leadership. To make the transition to Dean or beyond I’m going to have to expand my knowledge and understanding of the system.


Part of the organization and planning is my daily routine, which includes working out every morning using P90X (I have to take care of the body as well as the mind) is reading every day. I suspect the reading will have to go from 30 minutes to at least an hour real soon if I want to expand my knowledge. I fall I read mostly academic stuff related to my classes. That will change for winter term.  Where to begin is going to be the biggest challenge, but nothing I can’t handle.


So that’s last term, what does winter term hold, more of the same. I’m teaching CIS 187I, CIS 225 & CIS 288M. I had 3 months to get fall term’s courses ready and one of them got cancelled. This time I’ve got 3 weeks and all three courses have enough students to run. So this week I have to hit the ground running. Getting my prep going. 187I & 288M are course I’ve never found my stride with.  I always feel like something is missing or the courses don’t flow. Here’s to hoping that changes this time around. Of my list of courses, 240M was my strongest. With all the part-timers in our dept I don’t teach that much any more. I hit my stride with 289M this term. Here’s to hoping 288M & 187I arrive in the zone this term. 225 is a fun class, not a lot of pressure. Having a solid text book helps with that.


I’m taking two courses in the next Dr Semester. Comprehensive Planning and Implementation & Introduction to Research Methods.

Finals Week…..

That about says it all!

I’ll do a full update when things settle down.