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Certifications & Windows Server 8

yep, must be thawed, another post so soon.

So I was looking for text book for CIS 287M, Microsoft Security. It would appear that I’m going to be adding this class to my list of classes I teach. I came across this book:

I thought, awesome. I saw it had some good materials in at a first glance so I passed it along to my dept chair. And he came back with, you know that book is for a certification.

WHAT! No, I didn’t. I’ll have to look at the book in greater detail to see if it’ll work, BUT I hadn’t heard of that Cert before. At first thought it was for a new Microsoft Security product. Nope, it’s a new certification, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA).

Oh technology, blink and you’ll miss it!

So off I go to:

And end up here:

This MTA exam is apparently an entry-level exam. I’ve heard almost nothing about it before coming across the book. But that doesn’t mean anything. I’m not as connected as I once was. I’ll have to do some more investigation before I’m able to pass judgment.


Windows Server 8!

Really! I’d heard the talk about Windows 8 the client version. And I really haven’t taken the time to figure out the deal. But I KNEW it wouldn’t be long before the Server equivalent came out. And it’s on its way.

So the next thing on my reading list (aside from articles on distance learning, and text books on research methods):

Spring Thaw

Well it’s almost spring anyway. I’ve thawed enough for a new blog post. It’s been a while since my last post, that’s for sure.

So where to begin:

I finished another class, comprehensive planning and implementation with an A. The instructor was good, responsive provided decent feedback. She certainly helped in improving my APA style. I like the structure of the online class, the assignment due dates are clearly laid out, you have a clear understanding of what will be required each week (discussion question, two replies, one to two papers). I like structure. I’m still in Intro to Research, not enjoying that class at all! Much less structure, different instructor, we’ll leave it at that. (This is the internet and this is open to the world……) The intro to research class is done in Mid-April.

A major breakthrough was getting all of my core classes worked out. There are 5 core classes for my program in Community College Executive Leadership and I was having a horrible time getting into the classes. They weren’t showing up on the schedule. Lucky they were able to get me directed study (me and an instructor) for all 5 classes. My path is laid out clear until Fall term. However, as I get closer to the end, I see some difficulties with wrapping up and getting all the dominos to line up properly. I’m still on track to be done with course work by summer of 2013.

Teaching has gone alright this term. I know the pace I keep can have a very negative impact on my attention to detail. Attention to detail issues KILL me inside. I hate things that can be avoided by taking a few extra seconds to review. Of my three classes this term, two of them required development. The Web Tech class, 187I required MAJOR development.  But its coming along. It’ll be much better the next time I teach it (I Hope!) Looking forward to Spring Term, I’m teaching two classes I’ve already updated this year. So there’s no development. I can tighten up some various aspects of the course etc.

I can say I’m out of damage control mode. That panicked mode where you are getting things done before the just before the deadline, as in minutes. Being down to one class in my studies helps.

And YES I’m looking forward to summer!

As you might imagine I’ve done almost 0 gaming or anything that hasn’t been school or work (which is STILL school).  I think I’ll hammer out a separate gaming update post.