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Monthly Archives : May, 2012

Time for an Update

Before I begin, let me say congrats to my wife completing her comprehensive exam. She has to wait for the results, but I am positive she nailed it. The comprehensive exam is a long test that saw 7 days of writing and proofing to span about 80 hours.

Doctoral Studies

Seeing my wife battle her way through the comprehensive exam was inspiring. I gained a lot of insight into what I will need to do over the next year to be ready for my week of fun and excitement. The exam is geared towards your major. So, as I move into my core classes I know I need to keep in mind the end goal of course work, which is the comprehensive exam. The exam is 3 questions that will spawn 30+ page paper and 7 days.

My current class is The Community College. I have to say I’m loving this class! I’m already getting more out of it than I did that STUPID class I took last semester. Due to issues with filling classes for my major, I’ll be taking all of my core classes directed study (one on one with the instructor). Three out of the five classes will be taught by the same instructor, my current instructor. Which also ensure the format will be the same.

At the start of the class, I developed a work plan. (I need structure). The instructor was willing to let me have as much structure as I require. I used the original materials from the course to develop the work plan, with deadlines, etc. All the stuff I need in order to say sane. We do conference calls on Friday to go over the materials and assignments from the week.

This course is giving me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and interact with people in other parts of the college.  I’ve completed one interview so far. And it was very enlightening.

I am back to trying to read daily. Last week I read a chapter a day. I have to keep that up.

In other amazing news!

I received an invite to lunch with the president of PCC, Dr. Preston Pulliams. The lunch is scheduled for after my community college leadership course starts so I should be able to get in some questions for the course. He is very successful, well respected at every level. This is an amazing opportunity.

In and out of the classroom

Things are very quite. That’s how Spring term is & I am not complaining! I’ve managed to get close to caught up on grading. All content has been released.

I am looking at beyond spring term already.

I’ll be converting my CIS 225 course to an distance learning format. I really want that finished by the end of June.  Not sure if that’ll happen.  I am teaching Windows Server Security (287M) in Fall. And that class will need to be developed from scratch. I had to track down a new book for the class, which wasn’t an easy task.  In teaching 289M this term, there are some updates that will need to be made to make things go….. Smoother. And finally, the admin work. There’s ALWAYS admin work.

Ah the summer “off” Gotta love it. But at least I’m not teaching and grading. It’ll be a nice change of pace.