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Monthly Archives : June, 2012

Officially on Break!

While I would like to believe that break means sitting around the house chilling watching cartoons & Jerry Springer….. That’s so not to case. Not to say that might not happen on occasion. :)

I will be taking advantage of the lack of office hours, lectures, grading and misc campus time to prepare for Fall & Winter term 2012-2013. I need to get one course converted from a classroom course to an online course, CIS 225 – End User Support. Which will be offered Winter Term 2013.

I’m developing CIS 287M – Microsoft Server Security from scratch. The original book is out of print and unavailable, so I had to select a new book. Security has never been my strongest topic, but not out of reach. I think it’ll be an opportunity for me to expand my technical knowledge which hasn’t happened in a while.  287M will be offered Fall Term 2012.

Beyond those MAJOR developments, just working on my updates to my other classes for the 2012 – 2013 school year: CIS 289M, CIS 288M, CIS 187I, & CIS 287I

Lets not forget my Dr. courses. I’m taking Community College  Leadership and Organization & Governance of Community Colleges at the end of June and they run into August. They are directed study, so just me and the instructor. My current class The Community College is almost done and I’ve really enjoyed it. Dr. Sanford allows for a lot of student directed learning. So I set my goals and direction and she facilitates it, provides insight and ideas. The biggest thing, she lets me set up the structure I require to be successful in a class.

So moving along…. Being on break maybe my updates will happen more frequently – it could happen!


I would like to say congratulations to PCC’s Class of 2012.

A special congratulations to those CIS students that manage to suffer through my classes and finish. For some, my courses were challenge at every step of the way. And graduation is a reward for all that hard work. I put a lot pressure on all of my students to pay attention to detail, develop troubleshooting skills and critical thinking skills. T o see so many of those students walk across that stage makes grading every lab and answering every question worth it.

I love what I do, and if I ever forget that, all it takes is one graduation ceremony to remind me.

Good job and best wishes.

Finals Week is Upon Me


Wow, that didn’t take long….. Talk about a fast 11 weeks! Overall it was pretty low key on the teaching front. I started looking beyond spring term fairly early.  From my previous post:

  • I am co-SAC (Subject Area Committee Chair) for the 2012-21013 school year.
  • I am thinking about the transition from Server 2008 & Windows 7 to Server 2012 (or server 8 ) & Windows 8
  • I’ve got a fair share of course development for 2012-2013 that I will be working with over the break. To include: converting a course to online for Winter 2013, writing a server security course & adding to an existing course to accommodate for our program assessment

Before I get to any of that, I have a lot of grading to get through. One class ends Wednesday night and the other Thursday night. Hopefully I can get all the work graded from the ends Wednesday night on Thursday. Then I can hammer out the work from Thursday night on Friday.

In a perfect world, grades would be done before I head to graduation Friday night….. Saturday morning at the latest.


Doctoral Studies

The community college course is moving along. I am expanding my horizons that’s for sure.

Although, I submitted my journal entry which lacked an attention to detail  on the grammar front. The instructor did not slam me or anything like that, but it was enough of an issue to be pointed out. Which I a good thing. My end goal is passing that comprehensive exam and things like this need to be hammered out now. Of course that put me on high alert for the introduction to PCC paper I wrote. We’ll see how that goes. I need to find ways to keep writing and researching. Because breaks seem to reset the skills almost back to 0.

My current instructor is all about the learning process so I get to set the boundaries (aka as much confining structure as I want). I’m taking advantage of it. But the temptation was certainly there to slack off.  But I know nothing good will come from that.

So while I won’t be in the class room over my summer break, I will now lack for things to keep my mind engaged.

July I will start Community College Leadership and Organization & Governance of Community Colleges looking forward to both classes. I think these classes will have me hanging around campus over summer for interviews and such.