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Monthly Archives : August, 2012

Fall Term is closing in!

First, I got an A in both Community College Leadership Course AND Organization & Governance of Community Colleges. The governance class was a lot of work! But I survived. Next up is Community College Finance. I’m sure that’ll be good tymes!

Whelp, the rapid march back to the classroom has begun. My classes are pretty packed, which is a good thing. Going to be a busy fall term – as always.

I’ve taught 289M so many times it’ll be the quickest to have ready to roll. The major thing with 289M is making some tweaks that should reduce some of the replication issues in the labs. Hopefully the tweaks will remove some of the potential for the labs to implode on students. I’m sure bad things will still happen, but I have to do what I can to ease the pain.

287I One of the challenges with this class since its inception has been books. There’s no one text book that covers Linux & Windows Server AND the other topics related to web servers. So I’ve been using PCC’s subscriptions to Safari books. It worked pretty well until PCC realized that very few people were actually using the Safari books & didn’t renew the subscription. So the CIS dept is getting its own subscription. We’ll be testing it out in Fall term. Hope it goes well.

I’ve taught 287I a few times. So overall development should be light. I need to add all the Safari book information to the syllabus. I’ll need to do some proofing as well. But overall shouldn’t be to hard to get that course ready to roll.

287M on the other hand….. The course structure is complete in Desire2Learn & the syllabus is written. The labs are taking shape, but course content. I need to get that lined up and ready to go. My security background isn’t strong, but far from a security expert. So I’m going to have to expand my knowledge quickly and be ready to pass that knowledge on. It’ll be a challenge, but that’s how I roll.

Another aspect of this upcoming year, I get to be Subject Area Committee Co-Chair this year. Fun! There are a few items taking shape on that front. I’ll be responsible for getting all of the updated CCOG’s (course guidelines) through the curriculum committee. I’m sure I’ll have a few other duties to contend with.

Things are rolling along and picking up pace.