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Spring is in the Air!

Spring Term Update

Very low key! Having no new development has given me time to provide much better feedback on all assignments. I’m also trying some things to keep me more engaged in the class (I think / hope) . I post weekly messages on Mondays. And as usual  I try to stay active in the discussion boards.

It’s worked so far, getting me to week 6! Over halfway done.

I am teaching a CIS 140 – Client Operating System online in Summer.

The march towards dept chair continues. I officially take the reigns on August 21st. I’m starting to get involved in dept chair type duties learning the ropes. This is going to be a major change for me. I would say I am starting to settle into the realization of what I am in for. But this is something I need to do and have to do to further my career.  I am up for the challenge…..

Finished Educational Law & Quantitative Analysis / Starting Educational Policy

On the EdD front, still making progress. Right on schedule. I have 3 classes left before my comprehensive exam (Educational Policy, Qualitative Analysis & Advanced Research Methods). I start Educational Policy on May 6th (although I already of access to the online course) & Qualitative Analysis in Mid-June. Educational Policy will be directed study (on-on-one with the instructor) & Qualitative is online.

I have taken classes in a variety of formats, and I have come to enjoy the rigor of the online format. Clear deadlines & work structure. You also get to interact with your fellow students. That is a dual edged sword, some fellow student interaction is good, some. Not so good. Overall, it is worth the risk.

I have enjoyed the directed study classes as they are very flexible and allow me to work within my fairly hectic existence.

The on campus classes have proven to be my least favorite format. I enjoyed the monthly trips to Seattle, but the trips were about all I really got out of 90% the on campus classes . Other than a single instance, the time (most important element of my existence) and expense never seemed to be worth the trip. That made me sad.

Books for CIS 240M, 289M & 288M

I have selected the books for CIS 240M, 289M & 288M for the conversion from Server 2008 to Server 2012. And they were approved by the Subject Area Committee for Fall 2013.

Windows Server® 2012 Inside Out [Paperback] –

Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment [Paperback] –

The Inside and Out book will be used for all three classes. This a major change, but the Inside & Out book covers all of the objectives for 240M & 289M and some of the objectives for 288M. The Remote Access book will fill in the gaps of 288M.

I’m pretty hyped about at least having the books. Now I have to get the ball rolling on planning the new development over summer. Never a dull moment.

We will also be taking a different approach to teaching 288M and 289M Next year. I will teach on class on campus and the other class on online. The next term we’ll switch. That should also be different.

Something I want to try – Microsoft Virtual Academy (

I came across this while searching for books for the networking courses. I have no idea how it works, but it looks like its got a lot of MS technologies that would help me to sharpen my technological edge. (Because I have so much free time for that.) I’ve got the link in my browser bar and see it all the time. Just need to carve out some time to take a peek.