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Monthly Archives : November, 2014

Don’t blink or you will miss something!

For example: making blog entries….

It has been way to long, let us catch up:

How did spring term end?

In spring term 2014 I taught CIS 287M Microsoft server security for the first time (On Campus). Overall it went ok, nothing to traumatic. As to be expected, there were rough patches. However, I managed to get through it & lay the ground work teaching online fall term 2014 . Security is still not my strong suit, so I had one of our part time faculty members review my materials. This faculty member is a security expert & was able to provide some valuable feedback. It certainly helped me feel better about what I had put together.

What did I do over summer?

I guess it was busier than I had realized, I taught one online class, prepared 287M for online in Fall term & worked on my dissertation. That was plenty to keep me occupied. But, still managed to end up on campus a few times managing a service learning project in CIS 140M and misc other stuff. I managed to get a few days of down time at Mt. Hood.

Fall Term 2014

We are over halfway through Fall term and overall its gone pretty well.

I am starting my second year as CIS department chair. In my first year as CIS department chair I learned a lot of about job and PCC. The major duties are scheduling and working to resolve student complaints. There is a lot of putting out fires. Student complaints are the most challenging aspect of the job. As department chair I investigate every student complaint that arrives on my desk. Investigation includes getting all sides of the story and working to resolve the issue as best I can. However, you can’t please everyone & some complaints are taken to the Dean. It certainly keeps the job interesting. Scheduling presents its own challenging. I hate it when I have no choice but to cancel a class due to low enrollment.

I am teaching 287M online, I’m using a totally different online format than usual, for example there’s a mid-term exam and a final exam, vs. weekly quizzes and a final. I don’t think any approach is better.

And how has the dissertation been coming along?

To sum up my dissertation progress in a single word….. None.

I had very high expectations about what I would accomplish over the summer, sadly that just didn’t happen. Not even a little bit, I am no further along now than I was when I finished course work. My sticking point, my topic. I have not been able to get my topic refined enough move forward.