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Problem Steps Recorder

WOW! That’s about the best place to start when talking about this application.

 The Problem Steps Recorder is an application that comes native with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Basically, this application lets you record clicks and screenshots.

 From the start menu, type “PSR”  When the application starts this appears:


Once you start recording  it keeps track of all of you clicks. You can tell its recording by the red dot that flashes at the tip of your mouse. When you’re finish you click stop record. You are prompted to save the information. The application creates a zip file, containing an .mht file.

 The .mht file contains screenshots as well as a step by step break out of what was recorded.

 Now, this is COSMIC on so many levels. I’ve found three major uses for my classes:

  • Writing labs
  • Having students do lab and just submit the file
  • Student troubleshooting!

 I’ve tested the troubleshooting aspect. Worked pretty well.  But nothing is perfect, there are some challenges to work through:

  1.  Doesn’t work with Server 2008 R1. I will be making it a requirement to have everyone using R2 but not until Fall 2011 Term. 
  2.   Size of the files. For longer labs it could get to be an issue.  This will also be something I need to test.

I’ve got some time to work out the master plan, probably start rolling out some testing soon enough.

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