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Winter Term 2010 into Spring Term 2010

It’s drawing closer and closer to the end! All course development for 2 out 3 classes is done. The last class just needs some details hashed out for the last few weeks of the term.

Overall not a bad term. I certainly feel better about the quality of the materials than I did last term. Far less typos, instructions miscues, etc. Utilizing the release checklist helped to take care of the majority of the issues. Some still got through, but for the most part.

There was the usual improvement type items that I’ll address in the week between Winter & Spring term.

The biggest challenge remains grading, keeping up with getting ahead of it etc.

I started using a daily task list that had time slots for the tasks. Seemed to work well. I’m certainly going to incorporate that into Spring term. Maybe I can start out ahead of grading and not fall behind.

For spring, I’m expecting a little lighter development, but not a whole lot lighter. The CIS 225 class is BRAND NEW with brand new book and all. So we’ll see how that plays out. I expect a lot of familiar faces in that class so it should be good tymes.

Speaking of Spring Term, my schedule is interesting…..

Monday through Thursday all Midday. I’m on campus until 3pm two days and 1pm the other two days. Should be very interesting. Also I won’t be teaching two sections of 240M in Spring. I’m only teaching the Online section. That’ll be VERY DIFFERENT.

Changes isn’t always a bad thing.

Cert Study
I’m continue with light cert study. Reviewing the last test I took. Some side study. Plenty of R2 to to learn


I had a coversation with a student about having the Virtual Machines available to students in 240M and the student wasn’t to keen on the idea. The student felt they got a lot out of the first lab and the troubleshooting involved. So as always….. I’m contemplating how to improve my course.

I do see a series of changing coming down for the upcoming 1st lab. Take a little pain out of it.

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