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What is a protocol? & What is LDAP?

Continuing with answering the Active Directory/Networking Interview Questions. (going to try and crank these out every Friday – lofty goal for sure)

What is a protocol? (not on the question list, but somewhat necessary to answer the actual question)

A protocol is a set of rules used to facilitate communication. For networking protocols, these rules might include what information is to be provided in the header, how information is to transmitted, is there error checking between the sender and receiver, will missed information be retransmitted.

What is LDAP?

LDAP Stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
This is an industry standard for communicating with directory services
LDAP is the primary protocol used by Active Directory
The latest Version is Version 3

A typical exchange would be between a client requesting information (authentication, for example) and the server supplying the appropriate response.


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