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The term is going well, I’m not “caught up” like I want.

Grading everyday is a great theory, but one it’s hard to maintain. Grading almost everyday certainly helps me feel like I’m moving in the right direction. BUT, not as ahead of the game and I would like.

I did have to get a TA, because I can’t seem to get caught up. It’s helping some.

I picked up a new laptop at the beginning of the term. An Alienware M11x. This was the only laptop I could find that was A – in my price range, B – could run 8GB of RAM & C- support 64-bit virtualization.

I’ve got all of my classroom VMs setup on the laptop. And I’m planning on building my Cert Study environment there as well. Looking forward to it, as soon as I can get in the time to figure out what I want to implement and how.

My CIS 225 class has been fun. I hope the students are enjoying it & getting some valuable information out of it.

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