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It’s been a while…..

Over 6 years actually, since I was a student in a classroom environment.

I’m in the middle of my first doctorate class: Critical Analysis of Problems & Issues in Education. It’s gone well. The topics for the class are heavily focused on K-12. Which takes me out of my element considering, I don’t teach those grades, don’t have kids, OR work closely with students fresh out of high school. Most of my classes are 200 lvl classes and technical in nature. So far this hasn’t been a big issue; I take a lot of notes as some of the concepts are completely foreign to me.

So far it’s been mostly reading and class exchanges. There’s a massive paper due at the end of the class that I’ve got to start putting some effort towards. A topic has started to take shape, but I’m far from ready to roll.

For fall, I’ll be taking two classes, E7136 – Higher Education in the United States & W7000 – Advanced Academic Study & Writing

Oh joy!

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