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Cert Study & Classes for Fall 2011 at PCC

First things First, Cert Study stalled – horribly. I realized I need to get my hands on Server 2008 R2 study materials. My practice exams have R2 questions but the MS Press books are R1. In my book research, I found only one study guide has been updated for R2. So I need to pick that up. The plan is to get my study on, in August to test in Sept. I really need to pass 70-640 and get it off my goals for my yearly evaluation.

For Fall I’m teaching, CIS 298M, CIS 225 & CIS 287I. The plan is to have all three classes ready to roll come the first day of the term. This means all course materials posted, dates set to lock and unlock materials etc. CIS 225 is actually done! That was a major achievement. Right before the end of the term I’ll go back in and double check everything. CIS 289M is the next closest, and that’s only because CIS 287I is mostly just concepts right now. :( I’m hoping to get a major burst of motivation and hammer out CIS 289M sooooon. I need as much time as I can get to work and develop CIS 287I. I have taught CIS 287I once before but it didn’t play out the way I’d hoped. So here’s to second chances.

I plan on getting a TA in place for my 289M as soon as humanly possible. At least a week or two into the term. Going to start Fall term off on the right foot.

That’s about it for now.



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