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Challenging at Best!

I got an A in my first EdD class!

Fall term is fast approaching from the teacher and student stand point.  I’m gonna be in it….. DEEP!

I’m all set for my two classes:  W7000 (That’s writing 7000) Advanced Academic Study & E7136 Writing & Higher Education in the United States. The W7000 class in on campus, which means several trips to Seattle. I came across the syllabus for the writing class and it is going to be challenging at best, brutal at worse.

When its all said and done, at the end of this class I will be ready for the doctoral process:

  •  I will have a clear understanding of what it take to complete my EdD degree
  •  I will have a fairly firm foundation for my dissertation
  •  I will have been tested on my writing my skill level

All major things.  So on the one hand – yeah. On the other hand, holy crap!

For my writing class (W7000), if you don’t pass the writing assessment, you have to take the remedial writing class, W5099 Graduate Academic Writing.

The teaching term is also fast approaching. My classes aren’t packed, that’s a good thing! I’m so OK with that. A little worried about two of my classes not having enough students to go. Hopefully a few more people drop in before they have to cancel it. That would be BAD! I’ve been preparing for the term based on teaching my current three classes.

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