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Why Bother?!

Why bother?!

I have come to the conclusion that in order to survive the massive undertaking of an Ed.D.  I am going to have to be organized, efficient and effective, among a list of other attributes. But a head of all that comes the big question: “Why Bother?!”

What is my motivation? What is my overall goal?

From my recent readings, the degree is not the end goal, it’s a path and stepping stone.  I just finished reading  – “Notes On the PhD Degree” found here:

It revisited a lot of things I’d already heard since starting this program, but it’s good to see again.

I got laid off and move into academia. PCC is such a dynamic organization with plenty of opportunity to advance into a leadership role.  I decided having more credentials would be a good thing in my quest for leadership opportunities.

So what are my goals:
• Open doors to executive leadership within the community college system
• Become subject matter expert in distance learning.

A good start I would say.

I have completed 2 classes so far and I am in the middle of my third. I am keeping on.

We are already into November! Thanksgiving – Really!?!?!

The teaching term is over halfway done. As always, I am a bit behind on development.  Looks like I will have far less development in Winter Term which is a good thing considering how busy I am going to be. We get a fairly long winter break this year, and I am not mad!

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