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I haven’t blogged in a while for a few reasons, the first and most obvious, I’ve been busy.  But the more important reason, is Value. Why would anyone bother to read my ramblings; Big deal, I work I go to school. Who cares?!

So I decided I’d wait to write until I had something of value to include (with my regular ramblings.)

Given that, lets talk about one of the hot topics in the Windows networking work. New operating systems:

The writing is on the walls, The Microsoft networking classes (CIS 140M, 240M, 288M, & 289M) will be start teaching based on Server 2012 & Windows 8 in Fall of 2013.

What does it take to make this happen? How does PCC’s CIS networking dept go about making such a monumental change.

We start with when the actual OS will be released and when we expect to see books written on the released version of the OS. Versus books written on the beta versions. Things change between beta and release and it can cause confusion. We usually plan to launch the course with the updated operating system in fall term. So the course development happens over the summer.

Here are some notes from my touch of the new operating systems:

No install without activation Key for Windows 2012 & Windows 8….. Blah!

Needed to set both my VMs to Internal Only so they couldn’t auto activate

Straightforward installs

Windows 8:
Performed a custom install of Win 8
No sharing
Turned off Windows Update
Turned off SmartScreen Filter (need to look that up)
Left all of the Send Microsoft Info items off
Turned off Windows Error Reporting & IE compatibility checking
Turned off Share info with Apps features
Requires an email address….. Used:

Attempted to connect to the Internet, can’t created a local account
Managed to get to the desktop, lucky guess
Trying to find the control panel
Found something! Mouse to the lower right hand corner of the task bar brings up controls
Settings! Control Panel! Boo-ya! Alright, there’s the familiar ground.
Also found the shut down

Server 2012
Just asked for a password
RARRRR! No start menu?!
Opened Service Manager (by mistake)
And that’s where they’ve hidden shutdown! It’s in a task drop down window.
Shutdown looks the same from there.

“They turned a tool into a toy!” John (my tech person @ PCC)

I’ve talked with a few professionals about the transition and most agree, it’s just different. It’s a different approach (going all mobile for Win 8 ) & different look at feel.

There are other major considerations for this transition. 2012 does not run on 32-bit hardware. That means…. Students that can’t run 64-bit virtualization are going to have an issue. I’ve yet to come up  with a viable solution to this & its going to take some bigger brains than mine along to figure that out.

Not the most in-depth look, but it’s a start.

I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to approach this Blog of Value thing. First thought is to develop a list of topics and a set schedule for updates. Surely with a little planning I can post regularly, right ?!

Here’s something: Latest version of Virtual Box (4.2.4)

This version of VirtualBox has two features that will my students should be happy with: “Shared Clipboard” & “Drag & Drop”

I noticed these features while doing some misc testing. I’ve yet to give them a try but I’m sure they will come in handy.

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