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Doing a whole lot of both. 

I’m going to be teaching a web administration class in the very near future. In my research, 40% of all web servers run on Apache and some for of Linux/Unix. I’ve been a Microsoft Tech for a long time and have on dabble in Linux briefly, very briefly. In order to develop some LinuxSkills I’m taking a Linux class at PCC. I’m expecting a challenge on all fronts, scheduling/time managament, bringing knowledge to bear, etc.

Also, this gives me the opportunity to  see how other online instructors approach online classes. Adding enlightening to the list of things I expect from this class.

I’m teaching two new classes this term, A Microsoft Client Class – Vista and 2008 Active Directory class and one class I’ve taught several times, Server Admin. Talk about a full load in the Winter Term. I still have expectations to expand on my courses, go outside the book. We’ll see how those expectations hold up.

 During the break between terms I managed to get a lot done, not as much as I’d hoped, but hey something is better than nothing. One of the things I managed to accomplish was adding some audio. Not much just a simple audio welcome.

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