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Upgrade to Windows 7

Over the break I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. I knew if I didn’t do it over the break I’d have to wait until Spring. 

I ran the Upgrade Advisor for Windows 7 and it looked alright, only problem. I’d installed Vista Ultimate because it was free (legal). Now I had no way to get my hands on a free (legal) copy of windows 7 Ultimate. That means – Fresh install. Which I didn’t feel was a BAD idea.

 I wanted to still have access to my old stuff so I planned to bring up a Virtual Machine of my Vista Ultimate laptop…… Technologically – it made since. BUT in practice – NOT so much!

 Tried a few different methods, Vista native backup, a few different back up apps. Then I came across a backup app that can turn a backup into Virtual Drive – yeah! I spent most of the time trying to do the upgrade making back ups with various programs. The backup app made the Virtual machine, but it wouldn’t boot – hung every time. Tried a repair and that didn’t work either.

 So I checked for my data and just blasted my laptop. Got the OS installed, most apps reinstalled and I was back online.

 I also decided to try Microsoft’s Expression Suite for my website management. That was wholly disappointing.  The Expressions web app doesn’t do well with WebDAV. I was unable to connect via WebDAV to my courses. Since that was the major portion of what I wanted to do I didn’t even try a regular FTP site. That meant back to Dreamweaver, from MX (2004) to CS4.

 Dreamweaver hasn’t changed much at all over the years. Still pretty simple to manage sites and get rollin. Didn’t want ot shell out the $$$ but oh well. Life can be rough like that.

 I’ve been happy with Windows 7, look and feel is a lot different from Vista, but overall – nothing to make me just up and down.

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