Thinking Technology

Time to reflect.

The term is done, my first school year as full time is done!

First and foremost, the difference between part-time teacher and full-time teacher is NOT just teaching 1 or 2 more classes. It couldn’t be further from the truth! Becoming full time means a heck of a lot more. More work is just part of it, as full time you are fully inducted into the system, into the community that is the educational organization.

 I’m now on committees that are responsible for determining the path our students will take in order to remain relevant and successful beyond school. Now, I interact with my peers daily. I get to provide my insight as well as gain insight from others.

 For me personally, there is a new overwhelming desire to improve the quality of courses. As a part-timer, I did my job and I believe I did it well. But I never took the enormous amount of time required to truly evolve my courses, to take my courses outside of the format I’ve used for three years. Well that has changed, now I have both the desire and time to make those changes.

 I now have the opportunity for course development, plenty of course development. I developed a new web technician course from the ground up. That was quite an experience.  But fun. I’ve got another new course in my sights for Fall term.

 I’m looking forward to the summer ‘off’ it won’t be all drinks by the pool. I’ve got a lot of things I wish to accomplish. But I will be having fun!

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