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Cert Study Day 1

I plan to roll into the Fall term with at least one new cert test completed. On the not gonna happen side, it’d be cool to bang out three and get a new Cert added to my name, but baby steps.

So I made my return to Cert study this morning, bright and early. I picked Test 70-640. Based on my current knowledge, I figured this would be the easiest test for me to jump back into and pass.

Step 1: Where do I stand with my current knowledge. I purchased Selftest testing software for all of the server 2008 exams.

I took the test in certification mode with is similar to the real test environment – 50 questions, timed. My biggest challenge is always being able to sit still for that long, took me over an hour to get through 50 questions. Throughout the test I felt pretty good. There were plenty of questions I wasn’t 100% positive on the correct answer but felt good with the choice I made. READING the question AND answers carefully. Sounds like a gimme, but it doesn’t always happen. I was very careful in my approach and took extra time with any question that had similar answers.

In the end 70%, not bad for not approaching this material in a loooooong time. I did perfect on DNS, no surprise there. Everything else was between 50% and 80%. I’m going to start my study with the objective I did the worse in, additional Active Directory Services.

Time to find my study materials.

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