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Come Fall of 2010, I’ll be teaching 3 classes (CIS-240M – Microsoft Server Administration, CIS-288M – Microsoft Networking, CIS-287I – Web Server Administration). 240M and 288M are getting a major overhaul. I’ve taught these course for 3+ years now and the format hasn’t changed much. As a part-timer instructor – maintaining was the norm. Now that I’m full time, I’m driving to make the overall experience of the class better and to address the needs of the students. Also PCC is in the process of switching Learn Management Systems (LMS). So there’s no time like the present.

287I – it doesn’t exist yet……

So the plan is to have at least half of these 3 course ready to teaching come the first day of the term. I believe this is reasonable. If I don’t get this much of the courses completed, I believe I’m setting myself up for a loooooong rough term. Which will make for a long rough year.

Also I have to consider in Winter 2011, I’ll be teaching another class I plan to redo, CIS-289M – Active Directory. And I’ll be teaching 199W (the web technician) class for the second time. It of course needs a little attention.

So today I’m going to begin to lay the ground work for these classes, yes all of the classes, but 199W. We’ll see how it plays out.

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