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What have I been up too?

I’ve got visitors at the house until the end of next week, which has pretty much halted my Cert Study.

BUT, the course development marches on. I’ve got the 240M lab environment done! Two domain controllers, one client and a fully populated Active Directory database. I was able to import users, computers, groups and organizational units. The 288M lab environment is almost done, one domain controller, one client and one server configured to be a router. Throughout 240M and 288M students will make changes the environment via lab assignments. This is a major change from the old approach and I’m hoping it’ll be better received. I should give them more of a real-world feel to the course.

Responses to my courses have always been pretty diverse, I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t learn anything. Blah, blah blah! I read every comment and analyze it for validity and accuracy. In most cases, I find I can agree with the comments and immediately begin to think about how I can address the concerns of the student.

The changes I’m working on, will got a looooong way to address these changes.

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