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Been a while……

I guess you can tell by the total dead air, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of “work”

The last major stride was the course lab environments. I’ve since completed the pilot training for the transition from Blackboard to Desire2Learn. I recently got the green light to start working in Desire2Learn on my courses that were migrated over. Yesterday, I got into the course and got Dreamweaver connected to Desire2Learn. I pulled down the courses using Dreamweaver and made a backup, before I get into making massive changes.

Part of yesterday’s scouting mission was taking notes on what needed to be changed or updated before I return to course content. Not an extensive list but a decent one. The plan is to get to that stuff today. I need to get back to course content.

I went on campus yesterday to sit on the class of a new part-time instructor. That put the return to work right up front in my brain. And it was kinda….. HOLY CRAP! Wake up at 4am HOLY CRAP! But it was what I needed.

With GenCon behind me, time to get back to work. GenCon is a gaming convention I went too this summer and it was pretty amazing. I considered that the climax of the summer and everything else is downhill.

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