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As part of my professional development, I’ve somewht returned to Cert Study….. I fired up the testing software and took a practice test in certification mode, got a 50%! Not a good score by a long shot, however it’s been a while since I’ve sat still and taking a practice Cert exam. I realized in my 1st year review I’d plannedon taking the Active Directory Test for 2008 Server.

Due to my shock in reviewing last years personnel evaluation, I didn’t quite get there.

I’m working my way back towards cert study. I have to fight to stay current in knowleges as much as I fight to stay ahead of course development AND grading. Two major fights I deal with daily. After taking the test I recorded my results and have been going through them based on objective. I might cert test again some day.

I’ve added two new books to my personal development library, both are from O’Reilly publishing:

Active Directory  

Active Directory Cookbook:

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