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What is an Information Technology (IT) certification?

Certifications are “meant to” be a way to identify that a person has the certain set of skills and knowledge in regards to a field of study. People holding the certification designation are expected to bring with them a basic and in some cases an advanced understanding of key IT components.

I say “meant to”, because there was a time during the late 1990s into 2000s where people were gaining certifications and getting high paid jobs without the skills, proper training, or experience. This was happening mainly in the Microsoft Certification Arena. This has changed some, with Microsoft shutting down study guide sites and implementing simulations into the testing process.

 Certifications should be used in conjunction with experience and education to display a rounded IT professional. They are not the key to instant employment or tons-o-loot. Certifications can help people attempting to entering field show they have some basic skills necessary to do the job. 

 Certifications change as new operating systems are released and the skills required by today’s IT Professionals change.

 I call it a paper chase.


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